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Crappy Cable is Comtastic

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Nice use of alliteration, huh?

I cannot stand Comcast Cable.  In the nearly three years that I’ve had Comcast as both my cable and internet provider, I’ve had so many problems with them, it isn’t even funny.  Take for instance today:  I get excited because Comcast, for once, doesn’t metaphorically “screw the pooch” and has two HD channels (CBS and a CBS2, basically) dedicated to March Madness, instead of just one as in previous years (though, in previous years, every game has been available in SD, which apparently isn’t an option this year).  My excitement lasts about, oh, three seconds as I quickly realize that the other HD channel is only showing the games in SD.  Not only that, but the picture quality is worse (and I mean bunny ear antenna quality) that the games being shown on the real SD channel.  Bullshit!

My feelings exactly

My feelings exactly


I’ll Show You Mine if…

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

If you recall, in January I gave you, my faithful readers, a mission to try to get the unique number of visitors to the site to be over 250. If this mission was accomplished, I promised to post a surprise that everyone would enjoy that contained nudity. Let’s take a look at the stats and see if we met our goal:

Month           Unique visitors            Number of visits
Jan 2009        236                                       1019
Feb 2009        232                                       1334

As you can see, while the number of unique visitors minimally decreased in February, the number of total visits increased significantly. Additionally, there are three less days in February than in January and I am confident that if the number of days were the same, unique visitors in February would have surpassed January. For whatever reason, the site I use for stats will not give me a comprehensive stats package for the entire year, so I have to assume that there were some people who visited in January who did not in February, and vice-versa. Therefore, I am claiming victory and saying that we eclipsed our goal of 250 unique visitors to the site!

Keep up the good work my readers, and enjoy your bounty!

Movin’ on Up to the Northwest Side

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

I have officially made my decision and will in fact be moving to Washington DC next year to receive my Global Master of Business Degree at George Washington University.  While there were many factors that I considered when I made this decision, it pretty much all came down to the fact that GWU offered the coolest title for degree recipients.  While the majority of business school students become Masters of Business, I will become a Global Master.  In essence, I will be the equivalent of Warren Buffet.  More details to be revealed shortly…

George Washington University

George Washington University