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Lewd Food

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Friday night, for my dad’s birthday, I went with my parents to L’Auberge Chez Francois, a French restaurant in Great Falls.  My mom signed us up for a cooking demonstration with Chef Jaques (Jack), entitled “Lewd Food: Oysters”.

The food was great.  The ever flowing wine and champaigne was greater.  The atmosphere, though, was downright uncomfertable.

Lewd Oysters

Lewd Oysters


Random Earth Day Thought

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Earth Day is a day dedicated to cleaning the Earth.

When are they going to create a day dedicated to cleaning Uranus?

Tony K

Tony K

“Passover”, translated into German: Farfrompoopin

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

SoS Note – I apologize for not having a new post the past few weeks.  Yesterday I had my internet turned on in my new place and before that, since I’ve moved, I had only been able to use the internet through my blackberry and my parents surprisingly terrible internet connection.  I will not bore the blog with any moving stories, but rest assured that I am all moved in to my condo and I plan to resume updating Summer of Scott regularly. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

The Jewish holiday of Passover began Wednesday night, and as any Jew will tell you, that means that the Passover Constipation started Thursday morning.  Passover, for all the gentiles (goy’s, if you will) reading this who do not know what passover is, is an eight day holiday celebrating the Jews being released from slavery in Eygpt by the evil Pharoh thousands of years ago.  The story goes that the Jews, after being released, were baking bread to eat on their long walk from Eygpt to Jerusalem but during this time, the Pharoh changed his mind and so the Jews had to leave ahead of schedule, leaving their bread to not have enough time to rise.  This unlevened bread became known as Matzah and is the main food that Jews eat during Passover (we are not allowed to eat anything with wheat, corn, flour and some other things that I can’t think of off of the top of my head).  As you might expect, having a diet largely made up of glorified crackers with no fiber for eight days has its consequences, and I would like to discuss this a little bit on my public forum.

Funny because its true

Funny because it's true